DGA Board reiterates its purpose and sets a path for increased momentum

On 16 April, the DGA Board met to discuss its strategy for the year ahead.

Among other matters discussed, the DGA Board unanimously resolved that the core objectives of the DGA remained the same, namely to:

  1. Promote and enhance trust between consumers and organisations;
  2. Set industry standards and benchmarks through self regulation to promote consumer trust and protect industry from over regulation;
  3. Be a recognised voice of business to government on data related issues; and
  4. Be a leading authority on data related issues.

The Board also took the time to reflect on the Code of Practice and its application. In particular, the Board considered concerns about how organisation’s might be able to demonstrate compliance with the Code. With this in mind, the Board considered it critical that they continue with their development of guidance materials to support understanding of the application of the Code, and that the purpose of the Code is to:

  1. Express an aspirational level of best practice in data governance in Australia;
  2. Set a benchmark in data governance; and
  3. Be a tool for promoting consumer trust and understanding of good data governance.

DGA marketing materials will be updated to reflect these statements by the Board. At the same meeting, the Board began discussions about the upcoming board renewal process. All members should look out for news around this initiative in upcoming weeks.

The strategy session was considered a success by all attendees as it demonstrated a more inclusive and responsive approach going forwards and recognised that adherence to the code will become more of a “journey” for each member.