Research Findings Overview – Consumer Attitudes Towards Privacy

Together with our sister association ADMA, we’re providing an overview of the 2018 report ‘Data privacy: What the consumer really thinks’ at a breakfast briefing in ADMA’s Sydney office on 18 April. The research report on Australians’ views on privacy is part of a larger global study conducted with the Global Data-Driven Marketing Alliance. The overview will be presented by ADMA CEO Jodie Sangster. The Australian report will be available for members in early May, with the global report being launched at the end of May.

Unsurprisingly, the research reveals that trust in an organisation continues to be the most important precondition to a customer’s willingness to share their data. In addition, the research highlights a pronounced desire among Australians for greater control and transparency over their personal data. The research also found that Australians are yet to fully embrace the potential of cross business data sharing, with only about quarter of consumers indicating support for systems that would allow brands to share their personal data with other companies in order to get improved services or products.

This latter finding highlights the need for industry (and government) to engage with consumers about the benefits of data sharing through education campaigns, as well as the need to improve transparency, trust and consumer confidence in the data-practices of businesses.

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