New initiatives for DGA members

As DGA strives to ensure its members are kept abreast of new developments in data governance and related areas, some new member initiatives have been introduced. All members are invited to participate in any or all of these initiatives.

T1 – ‘T’ stands for Tuesday and ‘1’ for the 1st. On the first Tuesday of each month from 12.30-2.30pm, there will be a discussion session held, themed around current topics in data governance.

Sessions will be highly interactive with some possibly continuing beyond a single discussion. Some may even lead to an eventual whitepaper being produced on a topic.

Some of the proposed topics will include:

  • Managing sensitive healthcare information
  • Cross-border privacy rules
  • Community expectations in data
  • The Credit Reporting Code
  • Backdooring encryption

You can dial in or attend in person in either Melbourne or Sydney which will also allow you to meet other DGA members. Either way, these sessions will appeal to people who come prepared to share.

DD Series – every 2nd Monday of every 2nd month, there will be a Data Discussion (or DD for short) where a noted speaker will be invited to present to DGA members (for free) and people on the DGA distribution list (for a fee).

Topics scheduled so far are:

  • The Asian Data Adventure
  • Digital Rights & Governance
  • The European Data Experience
  • The Proposed Australian Consumer Data Right

We are looking at some sensational, thought-provoking speakers for you to come and listen to with a Q&A session at the end of every session.

Members are encouraged to lock these dates into your calendar now to share, learn and grow your data governance knowledge, contacts and influence. Plus, keep an eye out on our website, TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook for details of T1 topics and DD Series speakers.