DGA Hosts Digital Economy Strategy Roundtable

On 24 November 2017, DGA hosted a Roundtable with its members to discuss the national Digital Economy Strategy.  The Roundtable follows the announcement on 19 September 2017 by the Federal Government that it will develop a national Digital Economy Strategy, focussing on ways in which governments, businesses and the community can adjust to seize the benefits of digital transformation.  In particular, the Australian Government is considering:

  • The role of government and the private sector in enabling and supporting the digital economy;
  • Digital infrastructure, including connectivity, emerging technology and data sharing;
  • Standards and regulation, including global digital economy engagement; better government services and developing international standards;
  • Areas of competitive strengths; and
  • Ways to empower all Australians through digital skills.

As a key stakeholder in the digital economy, the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership (AADL) and its network of associations, including DGA, is participating in the consultation process with the Federal Government on developing a national Digital Economy Strategy.

During the Roundtable, members raised various issues that are becoming increasingly problematic in digital age, including models of consent in relation to data collection and use.  In addition, the inability for regulation to keep pace with technological advancement and innovative data practices highlighted the importance of industry standards and self-regulation.  To this point, members were overwhelmingly supportive of DGA’s mission and Code of Practice in protecting and harnessing the value and benefits of the digital economy.

Over the coming weeks, DGA will be meeting the Australian Government’s Digital Economy Strategy Team and formulating its formal response.