Draft APS Privacy Governance Code revealed

Data Governance Australia (DGA) released a draft industry Code of Practice as part of its ongoing effort to set leading industry standards, promote a culture of best practice, and to drive innovation by increasing consumer confidence and trust in the data-practices of businesses.  As the DGA Board works through the submissions received in response to the public consultation on the Draft DGA Code, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) announced the release of its Draft Australian Public Service (APS) Privacy Governance Code.

Earlier in the year, the OAIC announced the development of an APS Privacy Governance Code.

Developed by the OAIC, the Code will aim to improve agency capabilities to deliver innovation through the use of data, integrating personal data protection.

The OAIC stated, back in May: “The value of publicly held data is often maximised when it can be shared and built upon, so it is vital that APS-wide standards and capabilities are obtained. The Code can, therefore, be a catalyst to transform the Australian Government’s data performance – increasing both internal capacity and external transparency to stakeholders.”

The draft Code has now been released and is open for public consultation and comments are invited by 11 August 2017.

The OAIC is particularly interested in comments addressing these questions:

  1. Is the text of the draft Code clear and easy to understand?
  2. Would the Code have any unintended consequences? Are there any factors that might make implementation difficult?
  3. What matters in the Code do you think the OAIC should provide guidance on?

You can view the Draft APS Privacy Governance Code on the OAIC website here.

DGA will review the Draft APS Privacy Code and provide its comments to the OAIC.  If there is any aspect of the Draft APS Privacy Code that you would like to discuss, or any other comments, you can email us on contact@datagovernanceaus.com.au.