DGA meets with PM&C Taskforce to discuss Data Portability

On 12 July 2017, Graeme Samuel AC, DGA Chairman, and Irene Halforty, Legal & Regulatory Affairs Manager, met with the PM&C Taskforce to discuss the Draft DGA Code of Practice as well as data portability issues.

Following a special roundtable held with DGA on 2 June 2017 to discuss the PC Final Report, the PM&C Taskforce agreed to work collaboratively with DGA to address the Productivity Commission’s recommendation for giving individuals and SME’s a Comprehensive Right to access and use of their data.

During the meeting, the Taskforce clarified that the intent of the Comprehensive Right is to remove the friction of moving services and to increase competitive offerings for consumers.  DGA is currently in the process of developing an adequate solution to data portability issues that will deliver the intended outcomes for consumers (i.e. ease of switching and increasing competitive offerings) while protecting the investment made by industry and business in data.

DGA will continue to collaboratively work with the PM&C during the process of finalising the DGA Code of Practice to ensure a flexible and effective self-regulatory regime that will engender consumer trust and confidence in the data-practices of by industry while driving data innovation.