DGA goes to Canberra

Having clear links to, and solid relationships with Government is deep in the DNA of and a vital part of DGA’s purpose. Ensuring that, at this time of true digital transformation, we are able to have our messages around data and self-regulation heard by those who make the laws is a serious priority.

During mid-February, CEO Jodie Sangster was in Canberra as part of the DGA’s advocacy strategy, for a series of high-level government meetings with politicians, advisors and regulators. In a busy couple of days, productive meetings were had with the Ministers for Cyber Security and Digital Transformation, the departments of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Communications, Industry, Innovation & Science.

Further consultations included the Digital Transformation Agency and the Data Analytics Centre of Excellence. Subjects for discussion included the role of data plays in the lives of consumers, education and the future of data in Australia, in addition to the role DGA plays, our foundation and Code development.

In a significant program of engagement, these are the initial steps to ensure industry’s opinions are put and our voice heard at both state and federal levels.

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