Data Governance Australia (DGA) is a not-for-profit industry association assisting its members optimize their organisation’s data management, security and capability to gain a competitive edge and improved productivity while mitigating data-related risk, AND building trust amongst consumers that their data can deliver improved products and services while respecting their privacy and dignity.

Membership of DGA is a powerful investment for a number of reasons, however, the most important is that we provide a forum for data leaders to colleague with one’s peers from other organisations.

We have found that executives working in and around data are generous in sharing experiences with others on the basis that any data breach or loss of consumer confidence within a sector adversely impacts the entire sector – as it does across sectors.  DGA enables this sharing and thought leadership and we would welcome your participation on this journey.

Reasons organisations engage with us…

  • Build consumer trust:Evidence to consumers that your organisation has leading practice data governance, privacy and protection policies and processes in order to offer them improved products and services while protecting their privacy and dignity.
  • Protect financial and reputation status:  Ensure that your organisation has adequate embedded processes to mitigate against data-related risks, such as notifiable breaches.
  • Improve competitiveness:  Ensure that your organisation has the tools to use the collection, storage, management and analysis of data to improve competitiveness and productivity, thereby enhancing value for all stakeholders.
  • Project your organisation as a thought leader:  Participate in data governance roundtables, advocacy and contributions to thought leadership content.
  • Prepare for developments in the data landscape:  Learn about global and local developments in data regulation (eg GDPR) and opportunities (eg AI) so that your organisation can remain innovative, compliant and competitive.
  • Be an employer of choice: Provide your employees with basic data literacy (and more advanced) courses so that they are able to both protect and optimise data for their roles – and more confidently participate in the Digital Era.
  • Assist Board’s fiduciary duties: Share with your Board that your organisation is aware of, and has taken all required steps, to mitigate data-related risk and enhance the opportunities that data provides to improve the business.
  • Access the brightest minds: Attend private boardroom events featuring local and international leaders in data governance, digital transformation, cybersecurity, consumer privacy, ethics, AI…
  • Develop your skills and personal brand: Colleague with your peers from other organisations to continuously develop your skills and ability to positively contribute to all stakeholders in your organisation.

DGA assists organisations drive innovation, enhance productivity, increase competitiveness, manage risk and comply with regulatory requirements in the rapidly evolving data-driven revolution.

Member Benefits

Advocacy to represent industry concerns and proposals around privacy, cyber-security, ecommerce, data handling, use and risk to government and regulators.

Education programs to assist the development of your organisation’s competency in data literacy, governance, security & compliance and how best to use data to your advantage. This includes a comprehensive series of online and face-to-face courses aimed at various levels within each organisation.

Industry standards and guidelines providing access to principles of leading practice and benchmarks to ensure regulatory and ethical compliance for the collection, use and management of data promoting the development of consumer trust.

Events Access to exclusive thought leadership events from private, C-suite boardroom lunches, to larger events and conferences for your whole organisation – either on a complimentary basis or at membership rates.

Research and resources – Opportunity to access and contribute to the latest research, white-papers, trend reports, news and thought pieces concerning data.

Connections and networking by providing fora for you to meet with your peers, influential industry professionals and thought leaders.


Members of DGA also receive access to additional events, education programs and thought leadership content from our sister industry organisations that also share the common goal to deliver a future where Australia is recognised globally as a leader in data-enabled business and innovation. They include:

ADMA – The Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA) is the principal industry body for the data-drive marketing and advertising.  ADMA is the ultimate authority and go-to resource for effective and creative marketing across all channels and platforms, providing leadership, insight and innovation for today’s marketing industry.

IAPA – The Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) is the professional organisation for the analytics industry in Australia, incorporating business analytics and data mining across multiple disciplines and sectors. IAPA’s mission is to unite, inform, support and promote analytics professionals in Australia.


Your Return on Investment

  • Member rates for DGA events and third party data conferences.
  • Member rates for DGA online education courses.
  • Exclusive complimentary access to boardroom events.
  • Access to events of ADMA and IAPA (DGA sister organisations).
  • Ability to contribute content to DGA newsletters.
  • Opportunity to speak at, host or sponsor events.
  • Request introductions to other DGA members and speakers.
  • Opportunity to participate on the DGA Advisory Board from time to time.
  • Access to DGA thought leadership content, benchmarks, data governance principles.

Contact us to find out more about membership and event sponsorship.